System Restore Virus – How to Remove (Step-by-Step)

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System Restore Virus

System Restore – (how to remove instructions at the bottom of this page)

System Restore is a serious computer virus recently found and forcefully making its way on many computers world-wide. The System Restore virus will display many fake pop-ups and fake system scans in order to make people believe it is part of Windows or some legitimate program. Over time, the System Restore virus will continually nag its victims to purchase this fake program. The iHOW virus removal team is highly recommending that anyone infected with System Restore virus removes it immediately. The System Restore program is NOT a Microsoft program that came pre-installed on the computer, it is very serious computer virus and it can lead to a destroying the computer. Please read along as we will show you how to remove the System Restore virus.

We recommend to remove System Restore virus right away. Our research has shown us that the System Restore virus is a very difficult virus to remove but the removal process is whole lot easier if attempted within the first 48 hours of detection.

Please Note: System Restore virus is designed to look just like a Microsoft Windows program even displaying a fake windows icon. Like most real Antivirus programs, the System Restore virus will display several pop-up warnings and scans but they will all be fake. Please be careful this program is an extremely dangerous for your computer and it will not go away on its own. See bottom of this page for step-by-step instructions for removing System Restore virus.

Here is a Screen Shot from the System Restore virus

After many tests with our computers infected with this virus, our iHOW virus removal team has given us step-by-step removal instructions for System Restore virus. The steps below have been carefully designed to make for an easy removal of System Restore virus and if they are followed exactly as they are shown there should be very little room for error. However, if you do encounter any problems removing the System Restore virus please call our iHOW virus removal Hot-Line at 1-800-290-4109 our Technicians are available 24hrs a day to assist you.

The simplest way we have found to remove System Restore virus is by downloading virus removal software thus allowing for a simple point and click virus removal. But not all program will work for removing this virus. We have tested several programs for removing System Restore and found that surprisingly there were only a few programs that would successfully remove it. In the removal steps below, we recommend the program that is the easiest to install and that removed the infection. This program not only works best to remove System Restore but has one of the best customer support staff in the world. The biggest challenge we face when removing this virus is in the installation process. The System Restore virus will do its best to try and block the installation of any antivirus programs. In the steps below, we will carefully show exactly how to bypass the virus and install the software needed to remove it. The steps below have been tested by our staff on a variety of Windows based computers ranging from XP, Vista, and Windows7.

The steps below is what we have found to be the easiest way to remove System Restore virus. We made it into simple step-by-step instruction so that they can be completed by quickly and effectively. Remember, we do have our staff available 24 hours a day to assist you in removing this virus if it turns out to be too difficult. Our toll free Hot-Line can be reached at 1-800-290-4109.

***Important Update***
Please Note: Recently we have seen some terribly malicious forms of the System Restore Virus that can block your Internet connection as well as shut down the ability to download or install virus removal software like Spyware Doctor. If this happens and you are unable to download the recommended program, you can call our Virus Removal Assistance Line at:


For Virus Removal Assistance please call toll free 1-888-354-4737
Please follow all our detailed instructions below.

System Restore Virus Removal:

Perform the instructions below on the computer infected with the virus.

1. Restart the computer and Boot into Safe Mode with Networking
In order to boot into Safe Mode with Networking, you will need to Restart the infected computer and click the (F8) key multiple times as soon as your computer begins to run.

2. Windows Advanced Options Menu
After clicking F8 while the computer was booting, the Windows Advanced Options Menu will appear.

3. Select Safe Mode with Networking
In the Advanced Options Menu you will see ‘Safe Mode with Networking‘. Select that option and click enter.

4. Windows Safe Mode with Networking
Your computer will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. In safe mode with networking the virus is a lot less active and it will allow you to bypass the virus and install the software to remove it.

5. When in Safe Mode with Networking press the Windows Key and then the “R” Key to open the run box.

This will open the run command box which is another critical step to bypass the virus in order to download the removal software. See below.

6. Downloading the Virus Removal Software

This step allows you to quickly install the virus removal software with out having it blocked by the virus.

After entering the code into the run box, hit enter.

7. Click Run to Start the Download.

8. Install PC Tools and perform the scan

PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is an award-winning virus removal software program that is owned by Symantec, the same company that owns Norton. This is their flagship virus removal program. For additional information on installing Spyware Doctor see our Virus Removal page.

9. Remember to register Spyware Doctor in order remove the virus

For Virus Removal support please call toll free 800-290-4109

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