Guard Online Virus- How to Remove (Step-by-Step)

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Guard Online Virus

Guard Online- See bottom of page for Step-by-Step instructions

Guard Online is the most recent computer virus infection to be found circulating the web. The Guard Online virus forces its way on to computers and slowly begins to to take total control of the computer by limiting the functions and blocking removal attempts. This virus will display many fake pop-up warnings and fake scans to try and trick its victims into purchasing the fake program. The iHOW virus removal team is recommend that anyone infected with the Guard Online virus begins the removal process right away. The Guard Online virus is not a real program that came Pre-installed on the computer, it is a very malicious computer virus that if it is not removed can lead to ruining the computer. Please read along to see how to remove Guard Online virus.

Here is a Screen Shot from the Guard Online Virus

The removal of Guard Online virus should be attempted immediately. We have found the Guard Online virus to extremely difficult to remove at times and increasingly much difficult to remove if its not done so in the first 48 of infection.

Please Note: Guard Online virus has been made to appear similar to most anti-virus software programs. It will display a small security warning at the bottom right side of the monitor along with many fake scans all to try to fool people into purchasing it. Although this virus appears to be authentic beware it one of the most serious computer infection we have sampled this year.

Our iHOW virus removal team has displayed step-by-step removal instructions for Guard Online virus. If the steps we provide below are followed correctly, you should have no problems removing the Guard Online virus. Please make sure to follow the steps and if you encounter any problems removing the infection, please do not hesitate to call our virus removal Hot-Line for any assistance in removing Guard Online virus. Our Techs are available 24HR at 1-800-290-4109.

By far the easiest way to remove the Guard Online virus is to download the software we recommend in the steps listed below. This program offers a very simple point-and-click virus removal feature and a world class technical support staff. The challenge we always face when removing viruses is finding the best way to install the virus removal software. The Guard Online virus has many feature built into it to detect and block most antivirus programs. If you read along in the steps we will show you exactly how to get around the virus and install the software to remove it. We have tested many installation methods and several programs for removing Guard Online virus and will provide what work best for us. We tested these methods on a variety of Windows operating systems ranging from XP, Vista, and Windows7..

Below is what we found to be the most effective Step-by-Step instructions to remove Security Guard Online virus. Please keep in mind that we offer 24HR av guard online virus removal support if you have any issues in removing the virus. You can always call one of our Virus Removal Techs at toll free 800-290-4109.

Please follow all our detailed instructions below.

Guard Online Virus Removal:

Perform the instructions below on the computer infected with the virus.

1. Restart the computer and Boot into Safe Mode with Networking
In order to boot into Safe Mode with Networking, you will need to Restart the infected computer and click the (F8) key multiple times as soon as your computer begins to run.

2. Windows Advanced Options Menu
After clicking F8 while the computer was booting, the Windows Advanced Options Menu will appear.

3. Select Safe Mode with Networking
In the Advanced Options Menu you will see ‘Safe Mode with Networking‘. Select that option and click enter.

4. Windows Safe Mode with Networking
Your computer will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. In safe mode with networking the virus is a lot less active and it will allow you to bypass the virus and install the software to remove it.

5. When in Safe Mode with Networking press the Windows Key and then the “R” Key to open the run box.

This will open the run command box which is another critical step to bypass the virus in order to download the removal software. See below.

6. Downloading the Virus Removal Software

This step allows you to quickly install the virus removal software with out having it blocked by the virus.

After entering the code into the run box, hit enter.

7. Click Run to Start the Download.

8. Install PC Tools and perform the scan

PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is an award-winning virus removal software program that is owned by Symantec, the same company that owns Norton. This is their flagship virus removal program. For additional information on installing Spyware Doctor see our Virus Removal page.

9. Remember to register Spyware Doctor in order remove the virus

For Virus Removal support please call toll free 800-290-4109

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  1. Chris says:

    I have read all of the instructions here. I am wondering if I can download spyware doctor w/ antivirus on another uninfected computer and save the .exe set-up file for it to a jump drive and then restart my infected computer in safe mode without networking and then simply instal spyware doctor from the jump drive and scan with it once it installs?


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