Data Recovery Virus – How to Remove

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The Data Recovery Virus has recently been identified by our Malware detection team and it appears to be spreading quickly through the Internet. Data Recovery virus aims to fool people into believing that it is a legitimate program to protect them from threats. The reality is that Data Recovery virus is a real threat to the computer with the intention of getting people to purchase the fake program.

If you are seeing pop-up warnings from a program called Data recovery you may have this infection. This program will restrict the functions of your computer and make it very difficult to download the appropriate software to remove it. Data Recovery is known to hide every shortcut, file and any other contents from your computer desktop. Your start menu will also be wiped clean.

Why does the Data Recovery Virus hide everything? It wants you to believe that your computer is malfunctioning and that your hard drive is corrupt. This is a common scheme used by creators of this type of virus. They want to scare you and have you purchase Data Recovery in order to get your files back. They hold your computer virtually hostage.

Here is a Screen Shot from the Data Recovery Virus

iHOW details the removal process for this infection. We do not recommend that anyone tries to remove the program unless they are a qualified Microsoft Certified technician as the is a very sophisticated virus and its files will be cloaked in the hard drive and the wrong files may be removed.

We did find that this infection can easily be removed by downloading software and running a full scan and removal function.

Our iHOW virus removal team tested the removal process on the Data Recovery Virus on all the Windows operating systems and found that it can be removed. Our team worked diligently to troubleshoot every possible removal program and we recommend Spyware Doctor. Please follow all of our detailed instructions below.

Data Recovery Virus Removal:

Perform the instructions below on the computer infected with the virus.

1. Restart the computer and Boot into Safe Mode with Networking
In order to boot into Safe Mode with Networking, you will need to Restart the infected computer and click the (F8) key multiple times as soon as your computer begins to run.

2. Windows Advanced Options Menu
After clicking F8 while the computer was booting, the Windows Advanced Options Menu will appear.

3. Select Safe Mode with Networking
In the Advanced Options Menu you will see ‘Safe Mode with Networking‘. Select that option and click enter.

4. Windows Safe Mode with Networking
Your computer will now boot into Safe Mode with Networking. In safe mode with networking the virus is a lot less active and it will allow you to bypass the virus and install the software to remove it.

5. When in Safe Mode with Networking press the Windows Key and then the “R” Key to open the run box.

This will open the run command box which is another critical step that is needed to follow in order to bypass the virus. See below.

6. Downloading the Virus Removal Software

This step allows you to quickly install the virus removal software with out having it blocked by the virus.

After entering the code into the run box, hit enter.

7. Click Run to Start the Download.

8. Install PC Tools and perform the scan

PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is an award-winning virus removal software program that is owned by Symantec, the same company that owns Norton. This is their flagship virus removal program.

9. Remember to register Spyware Doctor in order remove the virus

For Virus Removal support please call toll free 800-290-4109

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4 Responses to Data Recovery Virus – How to Remove

  1. Chris says:

    Has anyone tried this, does it work?

  2. Richard says:

    Do you have any methods to bring back all the hidden data that the virus has caused?

    • rpiper says:

      Once you have removed the virus you will need to “unhide” all of the files that Data Recovery hid. Remember that the virus hides all of your files on purpose so that you think something is wrong.

      The way to do it is simple:

      Open up My Computer in Windows. Go into the C: drive, select Tools on the menu bar at the top. Inside of the tools section select Folder Options, then select the View tab.

      Now that you are in the View Tab, you should see an entry for Hidden Files and Folders. Select “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives. You will now see all of the contents of the C: drive.

      Now it is time to unhide everything contained in the entire C: drive using the same steps as above. Go into the C: drive and highlight all files and folders. Now that everything is highlighted select Tools on the menu bar at the top, select Folder Options, then select the View tab.

      In the View Tab, select “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives. You will now see everything that was hidden in the entire C: drive.

      Hope this helps. Please let us know if it does.


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